The madness for technology is rising at the speed of a rocket and prediction says there is more to it. This implies the revolution in the field of technology impacts the behavior of the internet surfers. They are aiming at availing access to the internet from their portable devices. However, the size and resolution of several mobile devices often restrict the display of the contents of a web page. In this context, the need for responsive web designing becomes a concern and like every other cities of the world, the people of Nanaimo, BC crave their own unique place of the World Wide Web (WWW). The city reflects a unique mix of the culture, art, innovation, and wealth creation. The people there require significant assistance of internet in order to excel in these cases. This raises the need for web designing in that city.

The web designing process that would attract the people of Nanaimo, BC needs to identify the project scopes and develop the wire frames and site architecture accordingly. The site architecture plays crucial role in displaying the information in a user friendly manner. That is, they designers need to identify the key content pages of a site and present them in a correlated manner, 2016). Precisely, they designers need to develop a wire frame that would provide comprehensive information on the contents appearing on each of the pages of the website and a guide in order to define the content hierarchy on the pages. This would help the users to use the information in a better way, thus, making the interface more user-friendly. Besides, the comprehension of the web page can help in enhanced accessibility.

The wire frame and the architecture of the website are effective in mapping the design plan in a manner that would ensure a structured and systematic work plan. However, the importance of visual designing is impossible to ignore in order to obtain appreciation from the users. This implies, the web designing needs to aid the object of the website owners in spreading their mission and vision to the website users and communicate with them in this context (, 2016). With regard to this, it is essential to recognize that whether there exists any inefficiency in the process and/or any malfunction can deteriorate the satisfaction of the users. Therefore, it is important for the designers to test the site before launching them for the use for public.

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